Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It's that time of year, a chill in the air and all the leaves turning  different hues of golds and reds. The days are getting shorter and a fire in the fireplace warms our hands and hearts. We get out our pie recipes and allow the dogs to linger on their walks a little longer because it is so cool and beautiful outside. The aroma of baked apples and cinnamon with brown sugar fills the kitchen and you can't wait to try that Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon you have been aging so long in the cellar. It's time for Thanksgiving, a chance to tell your family and friends "Thank You" for all they have done for you, for the fun and laughter, sharing and caring.  

The first North American Thanksgiving event occurred in Newfoundland, Canada, in 1578. The farm workers filled a curved goat's horn with fruit and grain to give thanks for their harvest having been a good one. This horn was called Horn of Plenty, or "Cornucopia". Whatever your harvest, be it fruit, fortune, friends, or the warmth of the soft thick coat of your Newfoundland Dog, may your Cornucopia be full this Thanksgiving, and bring you joy. 


Claire, Hummer, and Cher

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Phoebe Goes To The Regionals

After a nice win in Roseville at  the Donner Trail Kennel Club show,Phoebe looks forward to joining the competition challenge at the Newfoundland Regional Specialty in Dixon on Friday October 24th for her first Major entry. With Fall in the air and the weather turning cooler, the Newfoundlands are more animated and growing their thick luxurious black coat. We look forward to seeing Newfoundlands from all over the Northwestern Region of the United States.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Cher!

Happy Birthday Cher who is 3 years young today! Like a playful puppy she loves her toys and any chance she gets to swim or chase a squirrel or bird. She loves her brothers Hummer and Blazer who warmly welcomed her into the pack. After Blazer passed away, Hummer and Cher became an inseparable pair. An incredibly bright and affectionate Labrador, Cher is the ever-happy bundle of tail-wagging joy in our home. We love her very much.

Newfoundland Regional Specialty Show 2008

To everything turn... turn... turn...
There is a season... turn.. turn... turn...
And a time for every purpose under heaven
A time to groom
A time to crate
A time to stack
A time to bait
A time to seal the letter of fate
A time to show all great Newfies
I swear, it's not too late....   or is it?       
 The Newfoundland Regional Specialty Show is set for  Friday October 24th at the Dixon May Fairgrounds in Dixon, California. Hosted by the Newfoundland Club of Northern California, it promises to be a fashionable array of some of the most beautiful Newfoundland dogs from the Northwestern Region of the United States. Best in Specialty Show 
shares the top shelf with other coveted titles such as Winner's Dog, Winner's Bitch, Best Veteran, and Best Puppy in show.  Sweepstakes winners receive cash awards and there is always a nice raffle with a bounty of Newfoundland Dog-related prizes. Rain or shine, the dogs all look their best from hours of grooming and training. The judging is intense and the handlers do their best to show that their dog deserves the win. It is a time to cheer and laugh and share a day with friends and some of the most wonderful dogs on the planet. So sharpen those scissors, gather your brushes and buckets, drool rags, bibs, crates, tables, secret shampoo and conditioners, and possible raincoat.... it's Show Time!

(All of the photos in this article are for the purpose of showing examples of the dog show world and beautiful Newfoundlands and are not for the promotion or endorsement of any particular dog, handler, judge, or breeder.) 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Phoebe Takes the Points

Congratulations to Phoebe for taking the points at the Roseville Donner Trail Kennel Club show on Sunday October 5th. Working hard in the warm autumn sun, Phoebe became a Winner in the bitch classes with Judge Judy Harrington amongst a very nice line of competition including Bella in the Bred-by class. She had a great weekend with her friends Sophie and Bella who obviously gave her good pointers on how to be a show dog! Phoebe will try her luck again at the Newfoundland Specialty in Dixon, California, on Friday October 26th and the following Sunday at the Sacramento Kennel Club show with Peggy Helming of Pouch Cove Newfoundlands as Judge.