Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gentle is as Gentle Does

A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Post Cow Palace

Enjoying a few days of casual playtime before his next show, Hummer reflects on the highlights of the Cow Palace Dog Show last weekend. He loved every minute of it from the constant comments and petting from the adoring public, to the great company on the Karazan bench, to the intense competition in the ring, the weekend seemed to go by at blurring speed. We would like to extend our Congratulations to all of the Karazan dogs who received ribbons including Preston for Best of Breed handled by his owner and Karazan Breeder,  the esteemed and expert Phyllis Colgan-Parker, to Satchel who won Winner's Dog with the expert guidance of  Pro Handler Jeff Heim, to Bella who won Best Bred By with the astute handling of her Mom Terri, and to Triton who looked so strong and handsome as he returned to the ring since his puppy days handled by his lovely owner, Leanne, receiving Reserve Winner's Dog. The Cow Palace was packed with dog enthusiasts and fanciers who crowded around the rings catching a glimpse of the show, the drama, the competition and the judges' ultimate point-of-the-finger to the winner, and the cheers that followed. Even while grooming the dogs,  the public inched their way in nose-to-nose to get a detailed look to see how the dogs are prepared for the show. It seemed to take all of their reserve to not touch the dogs while the grooming continued. After the show in the ring, the real show began at the bench where families and friends got a chance to not just pet, but hug, kiss, photograph, and enjoy the Newfoundlands. After explaining how much they eat, weigh, exercise, lounge around the house, swim, and get groomed, the people wanted to just spend time with them, and reciprocally, the dogs seemed to want the people to stay and just hang out. What I love is to watch the little kids as they cling to the dogs as if they were their best buddy. The parents don't mind, they seem to know that the dogs are as gentle as can be. All of the Karazan Newfoundlands on the bench including Preston, Axl, Hummer, Triton, Rain, Phoebe, Sophie, Bella, and our #1 Newfoundland Bitch in the Country, Jolie, are perfect examples of the breed in type, temperament, and show quality. Yes, the Cow Palace Show is one of the AKC shows for the year where dogs can accumulate points towards their National standings, but it is also an opportunity for the Public to see and touch some of the most wonderful dogs that they may not otherwise see in their daily lives. For people to see Hummer in person and to give him a big hug and experience his giant size as well as his giant capacity to love is a joy for me to share. We look forward to appearing in all of the local shows and most of all, we look forward to cheering on CH KARAZAN I'M NO ANGEL' INA JOLIE, who will be competing in the WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW in NY on February 9th. Good luck to Jolie and her owners and handlers who have a huge chance at winning Best of Breed at the "Gardens". Congratulations already go to her breeder, Phyllis Colgan-Parker and Alan Parker who helped orchestrate this opportunity. Jolie, we know you can do it!!!! 

We'll see you at the next..... Dog Show!

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009... The Year of the Dog Show

Beginning with the Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco the weekend of January 24th and 25th,  Hummer is looking forward to a very exciting show year for 2009. Moving primarily through the Northern California Circuit, Hummer will join other competitive Newfoundlands to vie for the Best of Breed title and a chance to win in the Group ring in order to have the Best in Show title within closer reach!