Monday, May 24, 2010

CH Win N Rome's One and Only Isabella!

Congratulations to our friend BELLA, now Champion Win N Rome's One and Only Isabella, who finished her Championship by winning the Major at the Coyote Hills Kennel Club show in Vallejo this weekend! Hummer is looking forward to sharing the Best of Breed ring with her in her next show and many more future shows as they enjoy grazing, traveling, running around the ring and celebrating together. Well done Bella!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Burning Down the House

Until I get another camera, which I have not yet had time to shop for, I will display other peoples' photographs, which, although they do not contain photos of any dogs, are much better than I could ever take with any camera. These are all photos of places where I would either like to be or go to, from Northern Canada to Italy, any beach with any sunset would be fine too. However, I live with dogs, and I also have a puppy who is into everything all the time. I let my dogs into the house, they are with me most of the time and enjoy the cool floors inside or the deck outside. Even though Hummer is content to sleep and relax after a long walk, the LABRADOR puppy, ALEXANDER, is busy chewing, sniffing, exploring, asking for..... something! Channeling a puppy's energy is the single most important thing a dog owner can do to keep the peace and to keep the house from being destroyed.
So far we have been lucky. So far I have been able to supply enough chew bones and toys to satisfy this exceptionally beautiful and energetic Labrador. Hummer has been spared many a time from the wrath of Alex who wants to play play play, and although Hummer is fine with it, he does get more tired and wants to sleep in his own corner. We have been working on ring craft and obedience with both the baby and Hummer. I look forward to their next show in Vallejo so they can channel their energy towards the show and not the corners of the house. Pretty teeth and regal stance are the order of the day. The HOUSE, although not perfecty clean, organized, or decorated, is comfortable for the dogs,from the garden decks to the cool marble floors, is not yet ready to be BURNED DOWN!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Twist and Shout!

The Hollister show was a great time with great weather and the company of Fritzy,a young and spry Newfoundland and half brother to Hummer. On Saturday the Judge, the Honerable Burton Yamada, was giving Hummer a serious look but ultimately chose Fritzy for Best of Breed as Hummer was not gating very well. He must have twisted something and was not his usual smooth self. Hummer will have to get used to me as his new handler! This is sometimes the disappointing part of working with not a machine, but an animal who is like an athlete and has to be most careful before competition. Otherwise it was a most pleasant weekend and we look forward to training and getting ready for our next competition this month. Hopefully we will have something to shout about in the near future!