Monday, November 16, 2009

"By and Large"

"By and Large" is an old nautical term meaning that a vessel was seaworthy if it could sail well "By" (into the wind) and "Large" (with the wind). It became a term meaning "generally speaking" in the English language.The up and coming Eukanuba National Dog Show in Long Beach this December 12th and 13th will be By and Large a showcase of the cream of the crop dogs in the United States with a $50,000 prize for the Best in Show winner. There will be almost 40 Specials and class Newfoundlands competing for Best of Breed including Hummer who already has 4 Best of Breed titles for 2009 as well as many Best Opposite Sex titles. All of the Newfoundlands will be By and Large, "seaworthy". They will all have been winners in the show arena, and many will be Nationally in the top 20 of their breed in breed points. Generally an invitation only show, this year marks the 125th anniversary of the AKC and the show has become an all inclusive all breed show. Any dogs who would have been invited to this year's show will be invited to next year's show as well. The venue is not always in Long Beach, California, at the Long Beach Convention Center. Therefore, we are taking advantage of this great opportunity to be amongst the top dogs in the country and offer a challenge to the Newfoundland Judge to evaluate some of the best that the breed has to offer. There will be at least 6 dogs bred by the Karazan Kennels represented with top handlers in the Newfoundland show ring. Worthy of top honors, each of the Karazan Newfoundlands will be an example of good breeding close to the breed standard, as well as professionally groomed and handled. They certainly will be By and Large, some of the largest dogs in the ring, as well as the most beautiful. Stay tuned to the Animal Planet station where you can watch the show in February. For participation in the show, please visit for more information on the Eukanuba National AKC Show 2009, in Long Beach. It will be By and Large, a great time!!!