Friday, January 22, 2010

Will we have to say Goodbye to the Cow Palace?

Once again we head for the Golden Gate Kennel Club Cow Palace Dog Show this January 29th and 30th for great competition and an opportunity to share our dogs with the public while on a benched display. Receiving his first points two years ago, Hummer will again compete for Best of Breed amongst several other wonderful Karazan Newfoundlands. Now mature at four years old and having reached his full size in chest and head, Hummer is an impressive Giant Breed who will gladly take praise and pets from the crowds of people passing by the bench. There may be new plans for the Cow Palace and this may be the last time we have a benched show at this venue. At least this year we will be in the North Hall where we will be near the nice show rings and great vendors. We look forward to the Cow Palace traditions and trials, a show that gives you every opportunity to show your dog to the inquisitive public with a chance to answer, How much does he weigh? Does he shed? How much does he eat? Does he need a lot of exercise? What I hope the public goes away from our bench with is knowing that the beautiful Newfoundland is gentle and patient and will give all of his attention to anyone interested. That even though the Newfoundland is large in size , he is also large in heart and sweetness and will thrive on all of the attention from adults and children alike.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all! I hope your New Year's Eve was safe and fun and that you made lots of New Year's Resolutions, like.... I will work more, spend less, go to as many dog shows as possible, spend more time with my friends, spend more time with my dogs, worry less about wrinkles and bulges and do more for my heart, lungs, muscles, immune system, and of course doing all that by getting more exercise, sleep, eating fresh foods, and going to the Doctor (and Dentist) for regular check-ups. And don't forget to give your Soul a boost by being creative, doing art projects and listening to great music, helping out friends and people in need, go sailing and walk on a beach and look at the sunsets and the moon. Making realistic goals and celebrating accomplishments are on the top of my list. Making sure your glass is half full and not half empty is a good way to start out the year. I would also like to pay my parking ticket, and Mark Twain said that the Golden Rule is to do something every day that you do not want to do. That's a tough one. Anyway, abundance is in everything if you take the time to discover the intricacies of life. True wealth generally has nothing to do with money, and fresh air should be a right and not a privilege. I look forward to the New Year for the adventure of it all, for the surprises, the joys, the potential in every day. I look forward to the good times, laughing, justice, and the hope of peace in the world. It can be done. It's certainly worth a try. Twenty-Ten is going to be a great year!