Thursday, July 16, 2009

In The Working Group

Hummer cooperates nicely with his handler, Jeff Heim, in the Working Group at the Del Monte Kennel Club show in Carmel Valley. The Working Group showcases many of the more exciting large breeds like the Great Dane, Doberman Pinscher, Malamute, Great Pyrennes, Giant Schnauser, Black Russian Terrier, and many others who at one time had many important jobs in society mostly related to guarding property and livestock. Used for police work or guarding large estates, the working group had to be big and impressive. The Newfoundland, St Bernard, and Bernese Mountain Dog were all used as a draft animals to pull carts, and even today the Newfoundland is used in water rescue and is the best swimmer of the group other than the Portuguese Water Dog,  primarily because of their webbed-feet and desire to get in the water. The Newfoundland's thick double coat also protects against the elements whether it is cold water or freezing snow conditions. Here in Carmel it was at least 75 degrees and sunny and the Newfoundland is still willing to please and go along with his master and handler. The Newfoundland is noble and not shy-to-task and completes his command willingly and without protest. This is one breed who considers his work as "fun" and will always project a good attitude whether it is in competition, with is master,  or amongst his adoring public. Hummer definitely exhibits all the great qualities of the Newfoundland Dog and is worthy of his title of Best of Breed.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Del Monte Kennel Club Show

Karazan Newfoundlands sweep Saturday's show at the Del Monte Kennel Club in Carmel Valley. After a couple months of rest, Hummer takes the BEST OF BREED title and receives a beautiful medallion offered by the Del Monte Kennel Club and a chance to win a Group Placement. His litter sister, Jolie, was awarded Best Opposite Sex, while Karazan Bruin is Winner's Dog and the young and beautiful Pilot is awarded Reserve Winner's Dog. Looking large and impressive in the Working Group, Hummer moved well with his handler, Jeff Heim, who runs effortlessly and with grace to bring out the best at the end of the leash. Hummer will compete more in the next couple of months to prepare for the Regional Specialty in Dixon in October and then finish out the year to prepare for the Long Beach Eukanuba show in December. Looking stunning in the sunshine on Sunday in Carmel, Hummer went Best Opposite Sex to Jolie who took the Breed with her handler, Bill McFadden. It was a very successful weekend for Ch Karazan H2, Hummer, who enjoyed his stay in the Monterey-Carmel Bay area. After the show on Saturday, he walked along Fisherman's Wharf and had lunch at Dominico's where he dined on Broiled Chicken served with unlimited fresh bowls of water by a very handsome waiter. His walk was interrupted by countless tourists who had to have their photos taken with him. Attracting children and parents and a nice lady visiting from Bejing, China, who enjoyed a slobbery kiss from Hummer while taking a photo, he seemed to have celebrity status in the bustling tourist town. Hummer's Mom, however, was so busy, she did not have time to take her camera for a few proud photos, and will try harder next time to do so. The grooming, care to stay out of the hot sun, making sure the dog is relaxed and warmed up and hydrated, all take many hands and effort in order to properly present the dog in the ring. We are looking forward to many more shows to come!  

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Land of the Free... and the Home of the Brave.....

Independence Day, 4th of July, a time to celebrate the birthday of our country, the time when the USA "flew the nest" of their Mother Country, England, and the rule of the British Kingdom. A time to make new rules, be free, change a few things, look different, worship Gods of any denomination, choose your own allies, make new friends, pick your own President, make your own homestead, grow your own, have the first cattle ranch in Montana, build a Mission in California, have your own school system, have your own Kennel Club and have an awesome Dog Show in New York, design any company you want and make as much money as you want, discover new Mountain Ranges and Rivers, and GOLD!!! This is America, the Land of the Free, free to do what your imagination dictates, free to make choices, free to retire, paint, grow, design, invent, VOTE! It's a great day to be an American, and  great day to appreciate your roots and Ancient Cultures that all mix together to make what is America Today. The Barbeque, the Hamburger, the Shake, the Margarita, the Shot of Whiskey, the Herbal Tea, Diet Coke, the Mint Julep, Taco Bell.... skateboards and kite-surfing, and the Winnebago. Let us celebrate Independence Day with a Cheer of Hope, a Cheer of Appreciation, and a Cheer of Joy for the Land of the Free, the Land of Opportunity.