Saturday, March 28, 2009


Besides his best friend, Cher, Hummer enjoys the company of his two cat friends, Aubrey and Buttons. If he had his way, Hummer would cuddle up with them during naps and have them in the house with him at all times. He LOVES the cats. The cats, however, allow only limited appointments in the dogs' company. Aubrey lets Hummer come close and sniff and will tolerate his heavy breathing and large paws near her. Buttons will not tolerate the dogs at all and wishes they would leave her alone and go back in the house. These are outdoor cats. They come in when it's really cold at night, but in the summer they prefer the garden and stay within the confines of the yard. Aubrey is a gray/tan Calico and has 6 toes on each foot. She is really sweet and affectionate. Buttons is more of a Chartreuse/ Siamese cross and she is very aloof and self sufficient. They both have beautiful green eyes and are both at least 15 years old. I have never had to take them to the Vet other than when they were spayed. They are loyal and sweet and are a part of our family. Newfoundlands, when not swimming, carting, rescuing people out of an unfriendly sea, or looking gorgeous at the dog show, enjoy lounging with their owners, playing with other dogs, and enjoy the company of.... yes..... even Cats!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

ANUBIS.... He Who Is Upon The Mountain

ANUBIS, the canine God who protected the souls of the dead in Ancient Egypt, who looked over their Eternal Resting Place and protected against thieves and evil doers who entered the Necropolis, is part dog, part man. He protected the Mummies in Egypt from desecration and made sure the dead were guarded. He took part in the mummification so that the dead would be able to enter the Afterlife safely. A Dog, a Protector. Is this why we are so close to the Dog, a Canine, an animal with highly developed senses of smell and sight with predatory and protective instincts, so that they can save and protect us from evil? I think so. As they sit vigilant, as they lay with one eye open, guarding the door, protecting the entrance to our home, to our soul. They are the sentry, the first to see and interact. The dog, the protector, the Best Friend. Three thousand years ago the Egyptians adopted an animal who had better powers than our own human species to be our guards. Still today, we employ the common dog, mutt or otherwise, as our best friend, our protector, our guardian. It is a unique relationship which benefits each, Man and Beast. Presently the De Young Museum in San Francisco is exhibiting a once in a lifetime exhibit of King Tut, Tutankhamen, and his treasures, items dating three thousand years ago when the Egyptians believed that Anubis, Isis, Osiris, and many other Gods, really existed. Gold was in abundance and used for decoration and jewelry as well as many other gemstones. Anubis, part Jackal, part Man, assisted in the mummification and preservation of the diseased soul, the Ruler who would enter the Afterlife whole and with all of his powers. This was paramount with the Egyptian culture who developed tombs for the dead who took with them their most valued possessions into the afterlife. Because of this heritage, if you will, we hold dearly to our possessions, to our valuables, and keep our dogs close to us in case we have such an uncertain demise so that they may protect us in our darkest hours. Three thousand years ago is not that far away. We must visit the King Tut exhibit for its simplicity as well as its connection to the present. 2010 is exactly the same, only more inhibited, and in a different language. The language of the Dog, however, stays the same. Protection, Guarding, Guidance, Love. A relationship that transcendends the ages.