Monday, April 27, 2009

Hollering in Hollister

Hummer wins Best of Breed at the Gavilan show in Hollister! Held in the secluded tree-lined Boldero Park, it was a small but pleasant show. The weather was sunny and cool and there was a huge Rottweiler entry. Hummer showed beautifully and seemed to really enjoy himself in the Group ring amongst some fabulous top dogs like the Malamute, Samoyed, Bernese Mountain Dog, and Standard Schnauser who took the four Group placements. Judge Arley Hussin was very complimentary of Hummer. We watched our friend the Beauceron handled by Bill McFadden take Group 2, the Northern California bred German Shorthair Pointer took BIS on Saturday and got Group 1 on Sunday as well, and Hummer made a new friend, a 4 year old male Old English Sheepdog named Nick who came up from Southern California and got BOB as well. With so much to do,the camera never got out of the bag, so there will be more photos later! Looking forward to our next show in Woodland on May 9th and Mother's Day, May 10th.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Having had a couple of months off from the show ring since the Cow Palace and Santa Clara shows, Hummer is now ready to get back into competition. He has been exercising, undergoing rigorous grooming sessions, and enduring the weather change from a chilly winter to a very warm spring. These weather changes can have a marked affect on the coat which can cause severe sudden shedding of the undercoat. Most Newfoundland owners refer to this process as "blowing coat". The only thing good about it is when it's over and the coat settles into it's next stage and regains it's shiny healthy appearance. 

Hummer's next show appearance will be this weekend in Hollister, California, where he will compete for Best of Breed with the Gavilan Kennel Club. It is not a particularly large entry because many Newfoundlands are getting ready for the NCA Newfoundland Nationals in Michigan. Good luck to Jolie and everyone who will be attending!!!