Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Eukanuba Nationals 2009, a weekend to remember....

The Eukanuba Nationals was a fabulous show of the most beautiful dogs in the world. A perfect venue for a dog show, the Long Beach Convention Center was decorated in BRIGHT PINK ; flags, shirts, signs, dog bowls, anything "Eukanuba" was very visible amongst the crowds of people and dogs. Hummer, as usual, was "in his element", enjoying all of the other dogs and the attention from the public who all thought he should have won. Many people wanted to have their picture taken with Hummer, like these nice young men by the "Long Jump" Retriever Pool.The Newfoundland ring , large and blue-carpeted, held some of the most gorgeous Newfoundland Dogs in the country, most who have won Best of Breed and Best in Specialty Show wins. Hummer showed beautifully with his handler, Jeff Heim, and I was proud to watch his elegance and beauty as he was presented to Judge James Reynolds. Ch Oceano's Reflection on Sundust, a bitch bred by Kim and Gigi Griffith, was the Breed Winner, a small compact and typey bitch who has good movement and a lot of support from the judging arena, went on to compete in the Working Group. Celebrities like Shawn Johnson, the Olympic Gymnast and contestant of Dancing With The Stars, were everywhere! Followed by her entourage of cameras and microphone people as she entered the Newfoundland show ring area, Shawn enjoyed meeting some of the dogs like Hummer's good friend Bella! Maybe Bella will appear on Animal Planet when the Eukanuba show will be televised on February 6th!! Hummer and I were interviewed by a local newspaper reporter where I told them the facts of his Championship with winning 4 Majors, one at a Specialty, and completing his Championship Points in only 9 months. Watching the dogs in the Group and Best in Show Arena was a rare treat and only inspires the passion and desire to continue to promote the pure bred dog and participate in dog shows, amongst the most beautiful dogs in the world. Hummer will continue to compete in local shows in 2010, beginning with the Golden Gate Kennel Club show at the Cow Palace, San Francisco on January 30th and 31st.

Peace on Earth, and Happy Holidays for All!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

AKC National Championship 2009

On December 12th and 13th, at the Long Beach Convention Center in the Greater Los Angeles area, Top Dogs from around the country and other parts of the world, will converge for the 125th Anniversary Celebration of the American Kennel Club, for the Eukanuba National Specialty and World Challenge. Please visit for information on top dogs, dog show etiquette, past champions, spectator participation, events, etc, or just Hummer will be amongst 38 other Newfoundlands in the breed competition on Sunday at 2pm where the Best of Breed will appear in the Group Ring on Sunday. First in Group will go on to compete for Best in Show. The Best in Show Winner will take home the $50,000 prize and the Breeder of the Winning Dog will take home $15,000. Conditioning, handling, and grooming all play a part, but mostly, conformation to the standard and showmanship will be the most important factors in the winning decision. The breeding, which takes into consideration all of the history of the breed and health issues, the size and coat, gait and personality of the dog, essentially, all of the work that goes into forming a new puppy and future of the breed, is in the hands of the Breeder. An incredible responsibility and expense, one of the most prestigious awards of this dog show goes to the Breeder of The Year. Regardless of the competitiveness of a dog, we dog owners want a personable dog, a dog who is easy to live with and who is intelligent and healthy. We want our pure-bred dog to be able to perform tasks for which they were bred. We want our dog to have their innate instincts and to be able to hunt, guard, swim, guide, and track. Besides being a soul companion, we want our dogs to have the abilities and sensibilities that is in the blueprint of their genes. Each and every breeder who has a dog in this competition should be very proud, because they did a great job to present a dog who is recognized worldwide. Whether it is a Pointer, a Scottish Terrier, a Newfoundland, Labrador, Standard Poodle, or any other pure breed, it is because of caring and conscientious breeding that we are able to recognize not only the breed, but the behaviour of that breed to the standard within which they have been bred. Hummer and I look forward to being amongst some of the top dogs in the world, with dogs who mean the world to us.

Monday, November 16, 2009

"By and Large"

"By and Large" is an old nautical term meaning that a vessel was seaworthy if it could sail well "By" (into the wind) and "Large" (with the wind). It became a term meaning "generally speaking" in the English language.The up and coming Eukanuba National Dog Show in Long Beach this December 12th and 13th will be By and Large a showcase of the cream of the crop dogs in the United States with a $50,000 prize for the Best in Show winner. There will be almost 40 Specials and class Newfoundlands competing for Best of Breed including Hummer who already has 4 Best of Breed titles for 2009 as well as many Best Opposite Sex titles. All of the Newfoundlands will be By and Large, "seaworthy". They will all have been winners in the show arena, and many will be Nationally in the top 20 of their breed in breed points. Generally an invitation only show, this year marks the 125th anniversary of the AKC and the show has become an all inclusive all breed show. Any dogs who would have been invited to this year's show will be invited to next year's show as well. The venue is not always in Long Beach, California, at the Long Beach Convention Center. Therefore, we are taking advantage of this great opportunity to be amongst the top dogs in the country and offer a challenge to the Newfoundland Judge to evaluate some of the best that the breed has to offer. There will be at least 6 dogs bred by the Karazan Kennels represented with top handlers in the Newfoundland show ring. Worthy of top honors, each of the Karazan Newfoundlands will be an example of good breeding close to the breed standard, as well as professionally groomed and handled. They certainly will be By and Large, some of the largest dogs in the ring, as well as the most beautiful. Stay tuned to the Animal Planet station where you can watch the show in February. For participation in the show, please visit for more information on the Eukanuba National AKC Show 2009, in Long Beach. It will be By and Large, a great time!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Regionals Weekend

A crisp and sunny October weekend brought out some of the most beautiful Newfoundlands in the country with their shiny black coats and impressive size. Karazan's Bristol and Axl were both given Awards of Merit, and Karazan's Bruin racks up 5 points for a Major with Winner's Dog on Friday. It was a great opportunity to share the finer points of the breed and what the future may hold for this magnificent animal. All of these dogs are an example of responsible and careful breeding. Win or lose, the applause should go to the breeders, exhibitors, and handlers, for their efforts in presenting a beautiful dog who exemplifies the breed standard.
It was a rich and glorious showing of the Newfoundland Dog.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The English Yellow Labrador

What sets apart the English Labrador from any other Labrador Retriever is the fact that it is bred from primarily English lines in English Kennels such as Poolstead, Sandylands, Lindall, and Billymart to name a few, and that it maintains the lovely conformation as shown in this photo of Cher (with Hummer) and other English Labradors including the English Champion Lindall's Strawberry Cream, winner at Crufts , as well as other beautiful English Champions. These Labradors are slender and athletic with a sweet expression and congenial temperament. They are capable of enduring a long hunt on English terrain in all types of weather. Very bright and willing to work, they are a joy to train and pleasant to keep in the home.

We look forward to Friday October 16th to the Labrador Retriever Specialty at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds where there will be a variety of Labradors competing for Best in Specialty Show. Along with many lovely yellow Labradors, we will see the ever popular black and chocolate colors as well, many having come from the elegant and sporting English lines of breeding.

The English Labradors shown in this post are Karazan's I Got You Babe (Cher), Poolstead Preferential, Lindall's Strawberry Cream at Farbrae,Poolstead Present to Follow from Ramsayville, Braeduke Julia of Poolstead, and Honey of Whatstandwell, from past to present the line continues in conformation, color, and temperament.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Season's Change

It's finally Fall, with shorter days, cooler nights, fiery skies and brisk breezes. It's our favorite time of year, a time to prepare for the Newfoundland Regional Specialty in Dixon, California which will take place on Friday October 23rd followed by the All Breed Dog Show with the Sacramento Valley Kennel Club on Saturday and Sunday. Who will be the 2009 BISS winner? I know who I will choose.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sir Frances Drake Kennel Club Show in Marin

Hummer wins Best Opposite Sex on Saturday to his beautiful litter sister Jolie (Ch Karazan I'm No Angel'ina Jolie), who won the Best of Breed title at the Sir Frances Drake Kennel Club show in San Rafael. Thunder and lightening threatened to create a downpour all day but left just traces of rain and a humid cloudy day most of the day. Very happy that the cooler Fall Season has arrived, Hummer will spend the next few weeks preparing for the Regional Specialty in Dixon where Newfoundlands from as far as Washington State will participate in a very exciting day of competition. Winning the title of Best in Specialty Show (BISS) is a great honor and one that Hummer's Sire, Gaia, was fortunate to win in a Specialty in Southern California. Hummer will be one of many Karazan Newfoundlands competing in Dixon for the various titles including Best Puppy, Winner's Dog, Winner's Bitch, Best of Breed, or Best in Specialty Show, and Best Veteran.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Soaring on Sunday

Flags were flying again for Hummer who on Sunday wins the Best of Breed title at the Redwood Kennel Club in Petaluma, California. Amongst a very competitive group of gorgeous Newfoundlands, Hummer loomed boldly and large and gated with massive strength under the expert and graceful handling of Jeff Heim. Enjoying the fanfare and fun of the show atmosphere with all the attention and opportunities to share the day with friends and other K9's, Hummer looks forward to his next show in San Rafael this coming weekend.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Gold Country Kennel Club Show in Grass Valley

Working hard in the 100 degree heat in Grass Valley, Hummer takes the BEST OF BREED title on Sunday and tries to earn a Group placement in an impressive line-up of Working Dogs.
Held at the Nevada County Fairgrounds where the Draft Horse Classic takes place every year in September, Hummer returns to the same showgrounds where, in 2007, he finished his AKC Championship with back-to-back Majors. We look ahead to up and coming shows in Petaluma and San Rafael as the competition continues.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Apple of my Eye

How do we choose our dogs? We choose them to be a part of our immediate family with having similar temperaments, coloring, energy levels, sense of humor, degrees of loyalty, and as a protector and alarm system.  This dog, a companion, a devoted friend, scout, and sentry, shares our home, our joys and our sadness, and gives us a sense of belonging. A dog provides true unconditional love, something that is quite rare in today's modern society yet something that still holds significance in our lives. A dog provides the softer side of life, the funny side, the sweet and gentle side, as well as the wild side with heightened senses and instincts.  In an age of computers, robots, global warming, extinction, pollution, and the terrors of war, what better than to communicate with a dog, something that is as down-to-earth as Apple Pie. My Dog ....... he is the Apple of my Eye!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Newf in Grass

OK, you're feeling a little guilty.... you haven't had time to groom your Newfy in a while. The way the economy has been lately, you are happy you have work and glad that work has been so demanding lately, and you know you will have time, maybe on Sunday, to get a chance to brush out your Newfoundland. His ears are growing long and you think to yourself that he used to look like he had more neck. He is growing up and he finally looks more..... mature, more.... filled-out.... and maybe he could use a trim, but you just haven't had time. The car needed new tires, the yard needed weeding. You had to pay some bills online, and the laundry was piling up.... but the dog, he could use a bath.... if you could only find the shampoo and scissors, man that coat grows so fast, maybe the dog show supplements are finally working and the dog is not shedding as much as before. Yes, he sleeps a lot, yes, he is patient, the winter has come and gone, the summer has come and gone.... I think it's time to groom the dog now.............. Have you seen my brush?