Monday, August 31, 2009

Gold Country Kennel Club Show in Grass Valley

Working hard in the 100 degree heat in Grass Valley, Hummer takes the BEST OF BREED title on Sunday and tries to earn a Group placement in an impressive line-up of Working Dogs.
Held at the Nevada County Fairgrounds where the Draft Horse Classic takes place every year in September, Hummer returns to the same showgrounds where, in 2007, he finished his AKC Championship with back-to-back Majors. We look ahead to up and coming shows in Petaluma and San Rafael as the competition continues.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Apple of my Eye

How do we choose our dogs? We choose them to be a part of our immediate family with having similar temperaments, coloring, energy levels, sense of humor, degrees of loyalty, and as a protector and alarm system.  This dog, a companion, a devoted friend, scout, and sentry, shares our home, our joys and our sadness, and gives us a sense of belonging. A dog provides true unconditional love, something that is quite rare in today's modern society yet something that still holds significance in our lives. A dog provides the softer side of life, the funny side, the sweet and gentle side, as well as the wild side with heightened senses and instincts.  In an age of computers, robots, global warming, extinction, pollution, and the terrors of war, what better than to communicate with a dog, something that is as down-to-earth as Apple Pie. My Dog ....... he is the Apple of my Eye!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Newf in Grass

OK, you're feeling a little guilty.... you haven't had time to groom your Newfy in a while. The way the economy has been lately, you are happy you have work and glad that work has been so demanding lately, and you know you will have time, maybe on Sunday, to get a chance to brush out your Newfoundland. His ears are growing long and you think to yourself that he used to look like he had more neck. He is growing up and he finally looks more..... mature, more.... filled-out.... and maybe he could use a trim, but you just haven't had time. The car needed new tires, the yard needed weeding. You had to pay some bills online, and the laundry was piling up.... but the dog, he could use a bath.... if you could only find the shampoo and scissors, man that coat grows so fast, maybe the dog show supplements are finally working and the dog is not shedding as much as before. Yes, he sleeps a lot, yes, he is patient, the winter has come and gone, the summer has come and gone.... I think it's time to groom the dog now.............. Have you seen my brush?