Saturday, March 29, 2008


Titan, the Best of Breed Winner at Westminster 2008, Seamus, the brown Newfoundland, and Preston, or Ch Karazan Meet The Press, are three of the dogs we face when competing in Northern California. They are all exemplary  Newfoundlands who are beautifully handled and presented by professionals. Hummer will have to work very hard to beat any one of these dogs this year. At the dog show, the Best of Breed ring is comprised of all of the dogs who have already become Champions, the Winner's dog, and the Winner's Bitch. The title of Best Opposite Sex is given to the sex of the dog opposite to the dog chosen for Best of Breed.  There are many worthy bitches entered in Best of Breed, including Jolie who's photo appeared in an earlier post. Competing is always fun because one never knows just which dog to which the judge will point, and sometimes it is a real surprise. Hummer is fun to show because he enters the show with enthusiasm and moves well in the ring; his head is up and his tail is wagging, ready for treats and lots of attention.  He seems to enjoy the entire process from grooming to being at the show grounds with all the other wonderful dogs. There are many shows coming up Sacramento, Vallejo, Woodland, Antioch, Placerville, Gridley, Monterey, Pleasanton, Dixon, Napa, Carson City, NV, and San Mateo. I hope Hummer will be amongst the winners at at least one of these shows. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Character

A heavy dense long coat for cold climates, massive bone and strength for big jobs, power to cover lots of ground, and a soft expression that will melt your heart, the Newfoundland's attraction is not his furnishings, but his character. He is sweet and warm, noble and brave, observant, humorous, and lion-hearted. With each unique face comes a personality of complex dimensions.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Jolie, my litter sister, is so beautiful. She moves like the wind, easy and light, with her head up high as if she were saying, "What a great day for a Dog Show, and I'm the prettiest one of all!!!" Winning several Best of Breed titles and numerous Best Opposite Sex titles, she is now in the Top Twenty in Breed points for Newfoundlands in the USA. We look related; same eyes, same attitude, same desire to be a great show dog. Life is fun, dog shows are fun, and where's the paparazzi??? I hope Jolie goes to Westminster next year and takes the whole show. I will have my day... but for now... I hope Jolie wins, and I will cheer her on!! She matured faster than I did, her coat is perfect and she has an awesome gate. She teases the boys and gives her Mom and Dad a daily challenge, but why not? When you are a Dog Diva you have responsibilities. If I win BOS to Jolie, I will be proud. Will the Real Show Dog please stand up!! I'm trying, Jolie, and I may succeed, but you are beautiful beyond compare. Your humble litter brother, Hummer. 

Monday, March 3, 2008

It All Starts Here.....

It all starts here. The puppies are round and soft, cuddly and precious. They have lucious coats and soft generous ears and the cutest little whimpers and whines. At a pound each when born, they gain weight quickly and look different in size every week. Ready to go to a home by about 12 weeks, they weigh approximately 25 - 30 lbs and will gain weight at a rate of about 10 lbs per month. Some puppies reach 100 lbs by 6 months and you have a rambunctious large puppy to contend with. They learn quickly with consistent loving attention. Newfoundlands like being with their family and are not as happy left alone for hours, like most puppies. They are also immature for a couple for years and do not reach full maturity until around 3-4 years old. An irresistible breed in appearance and temperament, this is the Gentle Giant, sweet and for the most part, biddable, loving and entertaining, intelligent and a lifesaver by instinct. This breed of dog has developed over the century as one of the best companions ever.