Friday, August 27, 2010

Cool Cat

Hummer's home is being Cats!!!! It's so quiet and the dogs are so nice there that a renegade or orphaned kitten has decided to join the older Calico Cat, Aubrey,  in the front yard and has made it his home. I call him Rikki, because I was not sure if he was a boy or girl and I figured the name would fit either. He first appeared as just a 4-5 week old kitten, just a little ball of fur who would scurry off into the bushes when I approached. He would be eating out of the food bowl I leave out for my two older female cats. He was teeny-tiny and bounced off like a little furry ball. He is now at least 3 months old and has not left our yard. He hangs out with Aubrey, my 18 year old long haired Calico cat. I got him some toys to play with and he likes to lounge around by the food bowl. I say HE because he did pounce around and rolled over and I think I detected a boy appearance, so I will call him HE from now on. He lets me walk up to him from about 5 feet, but any closer he runs into the bushes. What will happen to this kitten if I can't take him to the vet for shots or worming? He seems really healthy so far and he has a huge appetite!! He likes the toys and he loves to hang around with Aubrey. I hope some day he lets me pet him. He will probably get older and wander off into the neighborhood looking for a girlfriend if I can't neuter him. Until then I look for him and try to get him to trust me to get closer. He's really pretty. I have no idea where he came from and if there were other kittens what happened to them. He has adopted us and as long as he is in my yard I will feed him. Rikki, the Cool Cat!!

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